Aplikasi Satelit Altimetri Dalam Penentuan Sea Surface Topography (Sst) Menggunakan Data Jason-2 Periode 2011 (Studi Kasus : Laut Utara Jawa)

Alvian Danu Wicaksono • Bambang Darmo Yuwono • Yudo Prasetyo
Journal article Jurnal Geodesi Undip • 2015 Indonesia

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 7 pages)


Indonesia can be classified as an archipelago nation in which most of its territory consisted of water. With this large number of water territory, Indonesia needs to develop an advanced research related to the physical and biological condition of the water territory. One of the physical study of Indonesian water territory is the observation of sea surface (Sea Surface Topography/SST). Sea Surface Topography (SST) can be defined as the high level of sea surface above the geoid. The purpose of this research is to get the sea phenomenon temporally This research was using altimetry satellite data from two data provider RADS and AVISO with the research sites in Semarang satellite pass 51 and pass 64 and Surabaya satellite pass 127 and 140. The method used in this research is by processing altimetry satellite data Jason-2 2011 with the comparison analysis of the current and the characteristic of Sea Surface Topography using software BRAT 2.0. The result of the research showed that the accuracy level of the processed data of altimetry satellite and software BRAT is < 0.25 m according to the statistic test of standard deviation and the result of SST point the highest happened on pass 064 in cycle 110 with the result of 1.5752 m on May 27th 2011 – June 07th 2011 and the lowest happened on pass 051 in cycle 095 with the result of 0.544 m on January 30th 2011 – February 09th 2011. The observation and the analysis showed that the current which moving towards the Indian Ocean can be known with Sea Surface Topography point that refers to the high level of geoid higher in the northern Java Sea rather than Southern Java Sea




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