Analisis Nilai Ekonomi Kawasan Cagar Budaya Keraton Di Kota Cirebon Berdasarkan Wtp (Willingness to Pay) Dengan Pendekatan Tcm (Travel Cost Method) Dan Cvm (Contingent Valuation Method)

Aditya Dharmawan • Sawitri Subiyanto • Arief Laila Nugraha
Journal article Jurnal Geodesi Undip • 2016

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 9 pages)


The cultural heritage area of the palace in Cirebon has potential as a tourist attraction. The strategic location and close to each other which have historical value, makes this particular site Kasepuhan Palace, Kanoman Palace, Kacirebonan Palace, and Kaprabonan Palace became one tourist destination areas Cirebon. Based on this, we need a Zone Map Economic Value Areas (ZNEK) to the cultural heritage area of the palace to estimate the economic value and benefits based on willingness to pay (WTP) tourists and the people who benefit from the region.Sampling method (respondents) were used in this research is non probability sampling with accidental sampling technique, where respondents are those who by chance / accidental encountered in the study area and can be used as a sample, if it is considered that the person who happened to be found suitable as a data source. Data processing method used is multiple linear regression analysis and calculation software WTP using Maple 17.In this research, the results obtained in the form of a Zone Economic Value Area map. The consumer surplus of Kasepuhan Palace is Rp 531.562-, and WTP value of Rp 72.276,- in order to obtain the total economic value of Kasepuhan Palace Rp 73.591.185.150,-. Kanoman Palace with consumer surplus of Rp 427.876,- and WTP value of Rp 39.478,-. in order to obtain the total economic value of Kanoman Palace is Rp,-. As for the Kacirebonan Palace consumer surplus obtained Rp 432.094,- and WTP value of Rp 81.341,- in order to obtain the total economic value is Rp 31.406.330.368,-. Further to the Kaprabonan Palace gained massive consumer surplus Rp 0,- and the value of WTP Rp 85.309,- in order to obtain the total economic value of the Kaprabonan Palace area is Rp 31.509.443.130,-. (Consumer surplus value per individual multiplied by the number of visitors in 2014).




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