Chemistry Teachers' Ability to Design Classroom Action Research in Hybrid Learning Program

Antuni Wiyarsi
Journal article None • June 2017

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(English, 9 pages)


This research examines chemistry teachers' understanding on Classroom Action Research (CAR) and their ability to design CAR in hybrid learning-based self-development program. The research employed one group pretest posttest design. Fifteen high school chemistry teachers in Sleman were involved. The program was carried out through course work and training following In-On-In format (face to face, practice, and face to face meetings). It was supported by the use of Tinular website ( The research findings show that the increase of chemistry teachers' understanding on CAR can be categorized as ‘medium'. Their ability to design a CAR can be categorized as ‘good'. The appropriateness of the action and data collection instrument constitute the ability with the lowest score. Continuous implementation of the program, appropriate supervision and scaffolding from the tutor significantly enhance teachers' self-development. KEMAMPUAN MERANCANG PENELITIAN TINDAKAN KELAS GURU KIMIA DALAM PROGRAM BERBASIS HYBRID LEARNING





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