Eksplorasi, Karakterisasi, Dan Evaluasi Beberapa Klon Bawang Putih Lokal

Hardiyanto Hardiyanto • Nirmala Friyanti Devy • Arry Supriyanto
Journal article Jurnal Hortikultura • December 2007 Indonesia

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 7 pages)


. Hardiyanto, N.F. Devy, and A. Supriyanto. 2007. Exploration, Characterization, and Evaluation of Several Local Garlic Clones. Currently local garlics were rarely found in the market due to the flooding of imported garlic to Indonesia. Therefore, some efforts are needed to improve the productivity and quality as well as the conservation of local garlic clones. The aim of this research was to obtain some information on morphological characteristics of local garlic clones and the potential and prospective of local garlic clones which can compete with imported garlic. This research was conducted in Banaran Experimental Garden, Batu (900 m asl) from July to October 2005. Exploration was carried out in several centers of local garlic production. Characterization and evaluation were based on descriptor lists published by IPGRI such as morphology, yields, and quality. Randomized block design was used in this research consisted of 10 clones with 3 replications. Three new garlic clones were collected through exploration, those were Teki, Ciwidey, and Lumbu Kayu. Growth percentage of 10 local garlic clones grown in Banaran Experimental Garden, Batu was relatively high, it was 95%. Based on harvesting time, clones were classified into 3 groups, those were short period (90-110 days after planting) i.e: NTT, Teki, Sanggah, and Lumbu Kuning; medium period (111-131 days after planting) i.e.: Saigon, Lumbu Hijau, Krisik, Tawangmangu, and Ciwidey; and long period (more than 131 days after planting) i.e. Tiongkok. Plant height was varied between 9-26 cm. Plant height of Ciwidey and Tiongkok were relatively shorter than others, whereas diameter of Tawangmangu and Teki were relatively bigger than others. Total leaf number of Ciwidey (9 leaves) was lower than others (11-15 leaves). Based on yields and yield components, bulb weight of Tawangmangu and Krisik were higher than others, i.e. 66.67 g and 58.33 g/plant respectively, whereas Sanggah and NTT were lower than others, i.e. 23.67 g and 24. 33 g/plant. The high yield were performed by Tawangmangu and Lumbu Hijau, it reached 33.21 t/ha and 29.49 t/ha, respectively.




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