Pengaruh Konsentrasi Larutan Garam NaCl Terhadap Pertumbuhan Dan Kualitas Bibit Lima Kultivar Asparagus (the Effect of NaCl Salt Solution Concentrations on Growth and Seedling Quality of Five Asparagus Cultivars)

Nfn Kusumiyati • Tino Mutiarawati Onggo • Fajrianti Anandya Habibah
Journal article Jurnal Hortikultura • June 2017 Indonesia


High temperature and humidity in tropical conditions as in Indonesia affect the spread of diseases which is the main problem in asparagus production. The application of salt water (salin condition) in the growing media reduced the infestation of root rot diseases and improve the growth of asparagus plants. This experiments aims to study the salinity resistance of five asparagus cultivar for the selection of asparagus cultivar which produced favorable seedling to be planted in Indonesia. This experiment conducted at Cisarua, Bandung at an altitude of 1,100 m asl. from April to September 2014. The experimental design used was a randomized block design factorial and replicated three times.The first factor was asparagus cultivars consisting of five cultivars i.e. Atlas F1, De Paoli F1 hybrid, Jing Green no.1 hybrid F1, San Knight hybrid F1, and Jaleo. The second factor was salt concentration, consisting of three levels i.e. 1.0 g/L, 4.0 g/L, and 7.0 g/L. The results showed that there was no interaction between the cultivar and the concentrations of salt solution on all parameter tested. The effects of treatments showed that De Paoli F1 hybrid cultivars produced heavier seedling weight, higher seedling, more stems number, heavier shoot weight and crown weight, greater crown volume, longer roots length and more roots number compared to the other cultivars. San Knight hybrid F1 cultivars produced the inferior seedling from all component tested compared to the other cultivars. Application of 4 and 7 g/L salt concentration produced lower seedlings high, stems number, fresh seedling weight, shoot weight, crown weight and crown volume compared to the concentration of 1 g/L salt. The effect of salt concentrations of 7 g/L significant in reducing roots length and roots number.




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