Pengaruh Insentif Terhadap Motivasi Kerja Karyawan (Studi Pada Karyawan Pg. Kebon Agung Malang)

Robby Bio Bilhamd • Siti Ragil Handayani • Heru Susilo

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 10 pages)


This study is a survey research titled "The Influence of Employee Motivation Incentives (survey on Employee PG. Kebon Agung Malang)"The purpose of this study was to determine the material, non-material incentives and employee motivation, find out whether the material and non-material incentives influence on employee motivation and determine which variable has more influence on work motivation. The analysis tool in this research is multiple linear regression to know significant influence between material and non-material incentives on employee motivation through F test and t test, determine which variable has a stronger influence then used partial correlation value (r) .While test questionnaire , used validity and reliability testing. Instrument test results in this study variable incentive of material, non-material incentives and motivation to work is declared valid and reliable.Based on the results of multiple linear regression with the variables of the material, non-material incentives simultaneously significant effect on motivation. Partial variable material incentives, non-material significant effect on employee motivation. Incentives materially greater influence on work motivation karyawan.Sehingga management should be able to maintain the incentives already given as for the way to do is to always be consistent in giving it, there should be a clear program and to increase the incentives.




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