Pengaruh Kompensasi Kerja Dan Lingkungan Kerja Terhadap Motivasi Kerja (Studi Pada Karyawan PT Bri Syariah Kantor Cabang Malang)

Fildza Amalia Alisa • Mochammad Al Musadieq • Yuniadi Mayowan

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 8 pages)


This research is motivated by compensation of work and the work environment to build and increase the motivation of the employees of PT BRI Syariah Branch Malang. This study aims to explain the influence of variables Financial Compensation, Compensation Non Financial, Physical Work Environment, Work Environment Non Physical simultaneously and partially on work motivation variable. This type of research used in this research uses explanatory research. Instruments in this study using a questionnaire distributed to 43 respondents in PT BRI Syariah. Analysis of the data used is deskreptif analysis, multiple linear regression analysis, F test and t test using SPSS v 13:00. The results of multiple linear regression analysis showed that simultaneous and partial, Financial Compensation, Compensation Nonfinancial, Work Environment Physical and Non Physical Work Environment has a significant effect on work motivation. Variables that have a dominant influence in this research is the variable compensation Nonfinancial.




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