Pola Pendidikan Anak Wanita Pekerja Sektor Informal Dj Kota YOGYAKARTA

Suwarna Suwarna
Journal article Cakrawala Pendidikan • 2001 Indonesia

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 10 pages)


The pwpose of this research is to describe the educational pattern of children by womenlabor ofthe infonnal sector·in Yogyakarta municipality.The subjects of this research are wotnen labor of the infonnal sector at Maliboro Street,Yogyakarta. This research is the survei research. The instrument used in this research is aquestionare, an observation sheet, and an interview question list. Data are analysed by using adescriptive technique.Based on the analysis, it shows that: (1) why the women work in the infonnal sector isaimed at helping their husband for making a living (55%) and seeking their children's educationcost (45%). (2) The women who cany out the infonnal education pattern can be categorized intwo namely good (36.55%) and poor (63.45%). (3) The women who support the fonnaleducation pattern can be explained that the good categoty is 61.33%, while tIle poor categol)' is38.67%. (4) The women.who support the nonfonnal education pattern can be categorized inatwo namely good category (11.83%) and poor category (88.17%). This can concluded thatwomen labor of the infonnal sector in to educate the children tend to believe the fonnaleducation, while for the infonnal and non-fonnal education they lacked attention. (5) The mainproblems faced in their children's education is that the mother have no time to educate thechildren. This leads lack of togetherness, lack of intimacy, free relationship, and stubbron. Theother problems are that education cost is very limited, the mothers Jack helping student's handlethe subjects provided, and the children tend to believe the other people.




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