Analisis Penyelesaian Kredit Bermasalah Atas Agunan Harta Tidak Bergerak (Studi Pada PT Bank Mandiri Tbk. Unit Mikro Cabang Probolinggo Kraksaan)

Lila Rahmatin Nazila • Moch Dzulkirom Ar • Nengah Sudjana

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 8 pages)


The research aims to describe strategies of PT Bank Mandiri Tbk. Unit Mikro Cabang Probolinggo Kraksaan in order to deal with the increasing of trouble credit in this branch and find out the solutions trough SWOT Analyis. This research was conducted by descriptive-qualitative research and use SWOT analysis to find out strategical recommendation to solve these problems. The research discovers that there are three kinds of efforts which have been done by this bank and four recommendations which should be done. The three efforts are named internal strategy, persuasive strategy, and distraint. In addition, the research also find out four strategies to deal with active debt of its debitors. Firstly, the Bank should shorten approval mechanism. Moreover, forum of discussion and training for its employer should conduct soon to improve the capability of employer. Also, engraft its worker to apply Mandiri Bank Cultures such astrust, integrity, professionalism, cunsomer focus, and excellent. Furthermore, increasing the carefulness must be done to avoid debitor who can not afford the loan. Finally, the Bank should increase the number of Micro Mandiri Collector to incrase the effectiveness and efficiency of debt collection.




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