PENGARUH IKLAN TELEVISI TERHADAP PERPINDAHAN MEREK (Survei Pada Mahasiswa Angkatan 2012/2013 Jurusan Administrasi Bisnis, Fakultas Ilmu Administrasi Universitas Brawijaya Yang Berpindah Merek Dari Luar Mererk Im3 Play 24 Jam Ke Merek Im3 Play 24 Jam Sesud

Anggita Kurnia Heru Susilo • Achmad Fauzi • Dahlan Fanani
Journal article None • June 2016

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 10 pages)


This type of research in this study is an explanatory research with quantitative approach. The location of this research conducted in faculty of the Administrative sience Brawijaya University, Malang. Methods of data collection using the questionnaire. The sample in this study were 116 respondents. The sampling technique used is simple random sampling. Descriptive data analysis and multiple linear regression analysis. The results showed that effect of Television Commercial consisting of a variable Message Contents, Message Structure, Message Format, and Message Source to Brand switching together or partial is significant. Based of the results, in the result suggest television commercial made Im3 are able to make Brand Switching that done on the consumer providers .