Memindai Penerapan Bimbingan dan Konseling dengan Pendekatan Multikultural di SMA

Helmuth Y. Bunu
Journal article Cakrawala Pendidikan • October 2016

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 17 pages)


The general objective of this study is to scan the application of guidance and counseling through multicultural approachin senior high school. The study used a qualitative approach. The informants of this study is counseling teacher, school principal, teachers, students,students' organization at school (OSIS), and school committee of SMA Negeri 1 Palangkaraya. Data were collected using participatory observation, interview, and documentation. Data were analyzed using four qualitative research phases of Miles and Hubermann, namely data collection, data reduction, data classification, and making conclusions. Based on the research results, in general it can be concluded that: 1) the purpose of counseling services through multicultural approach is providing assistance to students multicultural to overcome the problems encountered well, 2) the types of counseling services include helping clients develop polite behavior, helping to overcome anxiety , exploring students' talent, 3) special characteristics that are applied by giving individual counseling services, 4) counselingservice through multicultural approach has been maximally utilizing some existing media counseling.




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