Experiental Marketing Dan Pengaruhnya Terhadap Kepuasan Pelanggan Dan Minat Pembelian Ulang (Repurchase Intention) (Survei Padapelanggan Warung Coto Abdullah Daeng Sirua, Kota Makassar)

Deasy Rahayu • Srikandi Kumadji • Andriani Kusumawati

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 7 pages)


This research aims to clarify the influence of experimental marketing to customer satisfaction, the influence of experimental marketing to repurchase intention and the influence of customer satisfaction to repurchase intention. This type of research is explanatory associative with quantitative approach. Variable in this research is experimental marketing, customer satisfaction, and repurchase intention. Population in this research is Coto Abdesir Restaurant's customer aged 17 years old and older, knew how to fill in a questionnaire and was visited more than twice in last two month. The sample used in this research was 113 people chosen with purposive sampling and data collection methods in questionnaire. Analysis of data used descriptive analysis and path analysis. The result of path analysis shows that experimental marketing significantly influence the customer satisfaction and repurchase intention, customer satisfaction significantly to repurchase intention. Based on this research's result the owner of Coto Abdesir restaurant have to keep and increase the customer's purchase intention by providing new varians of meat on their Coto Abdesir for example using chicken, lamb or horseflesh without prejudicing the good aspects that already exist.




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