Penerapan Model Eoq (Economic Order Quantity) Dalam Rangka Meminimumkan Biaya Persediaan Bahan Baku (Studi Pada Ud. Sumber Rejo Kandangan-kediri)

Candra Yuliana • Topowijono Topowijono • Nengah Sudjana

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 9 pages)


Raw materials inventory is important production factors in production process. Procurement of raw materials supplies will give rise to cost. Companies need to determine amount of the purchase of raw material supplies optimal/EOQ, determine safety stock, reorder point, and maximum inventory for a smooth production process. This research located at UD. Sumber Rejo Kandangan Kediri because company did not specify the maximum amount of purchases of raw materials and raw materials delivery times are uncertain so the amount of supply of raw materials exceeding the needs of raw materials used for the production process, resulting in raw material inventory costs are high. Calculation results obtained indicates if companies continue to use the existing policy, then total cost of inventory in 2015 is Rp 46.538.827,00 with 48 times frequency of purchase of raw materials, while total cost of inventory by EOQ method is Rp 32.687.501,00 with 20 times frequency of purchase of raw materials. There is a difference between two calculations is Rp 13.851.326,00 which indicates if company implemented EOQ method, then by 2015 company will save the cost of raw material inventory. Safety stock in 2015 amounted to 92.249,487 kg, ROP of 184.858,974 kg, and maximum inventories at 825.008,016 kg.




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