Aplikasi Pembelajaran Ilmu Bibliomatriks di Perguruan Tinggi

Tri Margono, Tri Margono
Journal article Cakrawala Pendidikan • 2000

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 8 pages)


Experts in use Inethodology for analyzing theirresearch especialyin the. of information sciens oftenhave differences, athough they ae more use casestudiesin the fact. The studies describe diferent yield,cause the affectofth yield more depend on the variousof problems on the specific case and ols that used byexpel1 in count to the analyzing yield. The etlort toovercomethe d'ifferences should interceded in oder toobtain prcticein application the problem .is usingbibliomatrics method.The expert seldom use the method in practicework, acually the method more important in researchplanning.Also can use to develop of nw subjectheading on interdisciplnary publication thatpublilished during many yeas ago. 'l'roughthe methodevery difficulty could exceed, so the.informationmaagement in developing the classification ofinformation obtained by expert base on right structurefrom interdisciplinary. The impotant of the effort fOI"information organizing and easy to use it in proce~singof right documents indentification as suitable with'user's needs could be done by bibliomatrics.Bibliomatrics coulduse as tool detect core problemsto obtain the collection development. Teachingl11ethod of biblioillatries at univerities could developthrough seminar activity, whwere the ieldiJnplementedwith other .methods,.. also through using,online system as base for developigĀ· of the nlethoditself.




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