Pengaruh Perilaku Pemimpin Terhadap Disiplin Kerja (Studi Pada Karyawan Ajb Bumiputera 1912 Cabang Celaket Malang)

Amalia Adhitya M. • M. Djudi Mukzam • Ika Ruhana
Journal article Jurnal Administrasi Bisnis S1 Universitas Brawijaya • November 2016

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 8 pages)


Humans are the key success factors / failure of an organization in achieving the goals set. One factor that can be used to improve employee discipline is a style of leadership. Discipline of an employee of a company depends on the ability of a leader through his leadership style influence employees to act in accordance with the wishes of a leader to do their job properly and on time. 1912 seeks to create human resources that have a high motivation to make the breakthrough that the Award to employees. The results showed of the results of multiple regression analysis showed that F count equal to 10.447. While the F table at 2.47 so F count> F table that is 10.447> 2.47 then the hypothesis is accepted that there is significant influence simultaneously or jointly veriabel Leader Behavior and Behavior Task Oriented Leader of the Discipline Oriented Employee Relations and test results partial regression showed that the variables Behavior Task Oriented leader with 4.466 t count> t table 1,679. Variable Behavior Leaders who Oriented Relationship with t value 3.991> 1.679 t table so that the variable-Oriented Behavior and Behavior Task Oriented Relationship partial effect on the variable Employee Discipline.




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