Pengaruh Penggunaan Limbah Tapioka sebagai Sumber Belajar terhadap Motivasi dan Hasil Belajar Siswa

Nunik Iswardhani • Djukri Djukri
Journal article Cakrawala Pendidikan • February 2015

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 11 pages)


: This aim of this research is to know (1) the differences of students' motivation and achievement after using tapioca waste as learning resource in tenth grade, MAN 2 Pati in Archaebacteria and Eubacteria materials: (2) the effects of using tapioka waste as learning resources on students' motivation and achievement in tenth grade, MAN 2 Pati. This research is quasi-experimental design with randomized control group, pre-post test. The study population was all students of Class X MAN 2 Pati, while the research sample is Class X-2 as the control group and Class X-3 as the experimental group. Data collection techniques were test and non-test techniques. The analyses used the t-test to determine differences in motivation and achievement. The results show that there is difference in learning motivation after using tapioca waste as a source of learning, indicated by the result of paired samples t-test, value of sig.(2-tailed)>α. There is no difference in learning achievement after using tapioca waste as a source of learning, which is indicated by paired sample t-test, the value of sig.(2-tailed)<α. Learning motivation and achievement of students who use tapioca waste as learning resources is higher than that of students who use the conventional learning resources.




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