Pengembangan Model Pembelajaran Soft Skills dan Hard Skills untuk Siswa Smk

Noto Widodo, Pardjono, Widarto
Journal article Cakrawala Pendidikan • November 2012

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 15 pages)


: Development of Soft Skills and Hard Skills Learning Model for Students of SMK. The global era demands human resources that are competitive, adaptive and anticipatory, able to learn, skillful, adaptable to new technology. Labors' profile that market needs are someone who has a strong skill in the aspect of soft skills and hard skills. There are three alternative education modela that combines hard skills and soft skills, namely (1) aspects of soft skills and hard skills present in the school; (2) aspects of soft skills is implemented in schools, while the hard skills is being held during working practices in DUDI; (3) soft skills aspect is implemented in schools, while aspects of hard skills when working practices in teaching factory. For that, the structure of vocational curriculum is arranged as simple as possible referring to the National Curriculum which is used with an emphasis on aspects of soft skills and is integrated into the syllabus and lesson plans. Teachers'characteristics requires: (1) the adaptor; (2) the visionary; (3) the collaborators; (4) the risk taker; (5) the leaner; (6) the communicator; (7) the model; and (8) the leader. In addition, it requires the support of local education stakeholders, communities and DUDI.




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