Pengembangan Perangkat Pembelajaran IPA Model 5e Di SMP

Hairul Anwar • Jamaluddin Jamaluddin • Jufri A. W.
Journal article Cakrawala Pendidikan • February 2016

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 10 pages)


The purpose of this study was to develop the 5E model science teaching kits in Junior High School 2 Kopang. This was a research and development study referring to Dick and Carey model. The formative evaluation stage wasdone by: (1) the validation of the kitsby 3 experts and 1 teacher as users, (2) the limited trial on the teaching kits (syllabus, lesson plan, and students' worksheets) held in grade VII, and (3) the validation of the assessment instrument (Science Process Skills/SPS test, Cognitive Achievement/CA test and Affective Achievement/AA questionnaires) held in VIII. The average score of the validation result showed that all teaching kits were suitable to be used in the limited trial. The use of the teaching kits (syllabus and lesson plan) in the limited trial obtainedpositive responses from the teacher of grade VII as the observer with an average score of 4.20 and “strongly-agree” responses from students with an average score 4.12. The students also showed strong agreement on the worksheets with an average score of 4.14. The result of the validity and reliability test on the instrument showed that all the items of the SPS test, those of the CA test, and those of the AA questionnaires were valid. The Cronbach's alpha reliability coefficient was > 0.423.




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