Pengaruh Bauran Promosi Hotel Terhadap Keputusan Menginap Business Traveler Di Hotel Bisnis (Studi Pada Tamu Hotel Ibis Surabaya City Center)

Enne Molika • Yusri Abdillah • Edriana Pangestuti

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 7 pages)


Promoting product is irnportant in business, because promotion has lasting irnpact in getting the consurner. This study airns to identify the effect of variable Promotion Mix (X) to the decision of stay (Y) business traveler at the Hotel Ibis Surabaya City Center,and to know the influence dorninant indicator in variable Promotion Mix on Structure Decision Stayed. The research using explanatory research rnethod with quantitative approach. The object is guest of Hotel Ibis Surabaya City Center. The sarnple technique that is used is purposive sarnpling with Maholtra forrnula and have 125 respondents for the sarnples.This research using descriptive analysis and sirnple linear regression. The result obtained by this research is variable Promotion Mix has a significant influence on the variables Decision Stayed with t hitung 3,645 and 0.093 with the nurnber probability 0.000 (p <0.05). The results obtained have concluded that the sale and business rnix effect of 9.3% in influencing the decision to stay business traveler in the hotel business and the rest influenced by other variables not exarnined in this study such as, e-word of rnouth, environrnental, social, cultural, rnotivation and guest satisfaction. Therefore, the Hotel Ibis Surabaya City Center should carry out promotional activities through this rnediurn.




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