Analisis Sistem Informasi Reservasi Hotel (Studi Pada Sistem Informasi Reservasi Dewarna Hotel Letjen Sutoyo Malang)

Carrine Ayu Aprillia • Endang Siti Astuti • Rizki Yudhi Dewantara

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 7 pages)


This study aims to describe and analyze of hotel reservation information system. Type of this research is qualitative research with descriptive analysis presented in the form of verbal, with more emphasis on contextual factors and are not bound by the calculation of the figures or the size of which is empirical. The research was conducted in Dewarna Hotel which located in the Lt. Jendral Sutoyo 22, Malang. The research used an interactive model which is very efficient in qualitative research because the data obtained from the researcher, then collected to be processed systematically. The analysis result showed that in the implementation of hotel reservation information system, the front office has the goals and objectives of the work because they have to clear and tangible objects, hence the need for monitoring and controlling the parts of the reservation. Supervisory or controlling is a very important management elements applied in parts of the reservation, because it is an organizational unit of the front office. Reservation section is the backbone of the Front Office Department (front office) where the reservation section is fully responsible for the process of reservation. Reservation service system that is really good quality is the best way to attract guests to stay at the Hotel Lt. Sutoyo Dewarna Malang.




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