Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Stimulation on Closed Tibial Rats Fracture Enhances Callus Formation Based on Radiographic Measurement

Rizmayadi Anwar
Journal article Indonesian Journal of Orthopaedics • December 2012

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Introduction.Complication of delayed union and nonunion is the most common problems found in the Tibia fracture, especially tibia fracture with intact fibula who risk for delayed union and nonunion. Previous studies have been conducted primarily for the augmentation of fracture healing by enhancing callus formation, among others, with internal and external stimulation. Whereas with external stimulation such as pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) which the inductive coupling of a non invasive technology.Materials and methods.This experimental studies with a simple random design .sample of adult male rats of Wistar strain. The tibia was osteotomy transversely carried at all animals. The treatment group preformed the provision of PEMF stimulation and compare with the control group. Radiographic examination has done in week first, second and fifth. Then, the analysis using a Tiedemann score was performed.Results.The result showed that effect of the PEMF stimulation on callus formation demonstrated were significantly different (P<0.05) on both groups. At the Treatment groups were callus formation in the second week increased two folds, while at the end fifth weeks increased 3 folds compared the control group. Conclusions. We conclude that PEMF stimulation can be enhancement callus formation.




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