Effectivity of Handmade Tubular Lyophilized Amnion Membrane as a Nerve Conduit in Repair of Peripheral Nerve Injury with 5 Mm Gap in Rats

Dadan Gardea Gandadihkusumah • Hermawan Nagar Rasyid • Nucki Nursjamsi Hidayat • Yoyos Dias Ismiarto
Journal article Indonesian Journal of Orthopaedics • April 2013

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(English, 7 pages)


Introduction.Peripheral nerve injury with 5–30 mm gap which is caused by direct injury cases (87%) or iatrogenic(12%) become a special concern because it may cause a serious disability in the future. Therefore, we need manykind of nerve repair methods without adding morbidity to the patient. One of the methods is entubulation method, byusing natural or synthetic material.Materials & Methods.This is an animal experimental research by using post-test only control group design inPharmacology Laboratory Faculty of Medicine Universitas Padjadjaran Bandung in May 2012. In this study, weused 14 Wistar rats divided into 2 groups. After creating gap on sciatic nerve, nerve conduit is installed on treatmentgroup by using handmade tubular lyophilized amnion membrane. Nerve conduit is not installed on control group.After 21 observation days, conduction test and histopathology examination were done. Data was analyzed using nonparametricstatistical analysis Sign test.Results.Result showed significant difference between two groups; the conduction test=0.016 (p<0.05), nerve growthto distal gap=0.063 (p<0.05), no radial direction of nerve growth=0.031 (p<0.05). Reaction of inflammation wasminimal and there was no difference between two groups.Conclusions. Handmade tubular lyophilized amnion membrane is effective as nerve conduit in repair of peripheralnerve injury with 5 mm gap.




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