Radiology Result and Complications of Percutaneous Ballon Kyphoplasty in Patients with Osteoporotic Vertebrae Compression Fracture

I. Putu Sandhy Kumara • Henry Yurianto • Muhammad Ruksal Saleh • Karya Triko Biakto
Journal article Indonesian Journal of Orthopaedics • April 2013

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Introduction.Percutaneous balloon kyphoplasty is a minimal invasive surgical intervention offering promisingresults for address both the fracture related pain and kyphotic deformity due to osteoporotic vertebral compressionfracture who failed with conservative mean. The objective of the study is to evaluate of low back pain, radiologyresults and complications after percutaneous balloon kyphoplasty procedure.Materials and methods.This research used retrospective study design, there are 38 patients with osteoporoticcompression vertebrae fracture and had been done percutaneous balloon kyphoplasty Evaluation was done bycompare of low back pain using Visual Analog Score (VAS), radiology results (anterior and middle part of vertebraebody height, wedge shape ratio, Cobb Angle/kyphotic angle) between pre-operatively and post operatively, and alsoevaluate some complications within this procedure.Results.The result showed that there are significant difference between pre-operatively and post operatively aboutpatient's Visual Analog Score and radiology results (vertebrae body height, wedge shape ratio, except Cobb angle/kyphotic angle) by Z test with α 0.01. Based on Spearman Rho test showed significant correlation between changingof kyphotic angle with pain improvement but no correlation with wedge shape ratio improvement. Fracture of theadjacent vertebrae is the frequent complication which is found.Conclusionsk. Percutaneous balloon kyphoplasty procedure is useful in treatment patients with chronic pain due toosteoporotic compression vertebrae fracture who failed with conservative mean.




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