Role of Sterile Lyophilized Amniotic Membrane in Treatment of Fracture with Bone Defect: an Experimental Study on Sprague-Dawley

Iman Dwi Winanto • Achmad Fauzi Kamal • Yogi Prabowo • Ahmad Aulia Jusuf • Marcel Prasetyo
Journal article Indonesian Journal of Orthopaedics • April 2013

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Introduction.In reconstruction of fracture with critical size bone defect, the restoration of the alignment and stablefixation for succesfull result is necessary. Bone graft or bone transport is usually needed for bone defect reconstructionbecause there are not any osteoinductive and osteoconductive components on fracture with bone defect. This fracturecontinues to be deficient in bone repair or become non-union.Materials and methods. The research design is post test control group using twenty eight skeletally maturedSprague-Dawley rats, divided into four groups, 4 mm sized femoral defects were surgically created in the rightfemur of 28 rats. Seven rats were randomlyassigned to each treatment group, in which the femoral defect wasfilled with sterile lyophilized amnion, morcalized bovine xenograft and combination. In the empty defect group(control group) defects were left empty. Animals were sacrificed at 8 weeks postoperatively. Then the radiologic andhistopathologic examination were completed. Radiologic evaluation was conducted using Lane and Sandhu score,histologic evaluation using Salkeld score.Results.Non-parametric Kruskal-Wallis statistic analysis for the radiologic score 8 weeks postoperatively revealedp-value of 0,25 which meant there was no significance difference between four groups. However, the histopathologicscore statistic analysis examination revealed the p-value of 0,001 which meant there were significance differencesbetween four groups.Conclusions.Regarding the radiologic score, amniotic membrane group has similar radiological score to controlgroup, however the histopathologic score is better. Xenograft have similar radiological and histopathological scoreto the control. Combination of amniotic membrane with xenograft has better histopathological score to control.Although the radiologic score is similar.




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