Estimasi Penerimaan Dana Bagi Hasil Pajak Ekspor Crude Palm Oil (Cpo) dan Pengaruhnya terhadap Pendapatan Daerah di Kalimantan Barat (Proyeksi 2014 €“ 2025)

B61112055 Radu Suranta Karo Sekali
Journal article JEDA: Jurnal Ekonomi Daerah • 2014 Indonesia

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The title of this research is the Estimated Revenue Sharing Fund CPO Export Tax and its Effect on Regional Income in West Kalimantan ( Projected years 2014-2025 ) . Research Objectives are : 1 ) Calculate the result of the acquisition of funds for the CPO export tax . 2 ) Test the contribution of revenue -sharing funds to the CPO export tax revenues West Kalimantan . Government of West Kalimantan through Peraturada 1 / 1995 on the Provincial Spatial Plan ( RTRWP ) West Kalimantan , oil palm proclaimed as one of the sources of local revenue . In West Kalimantan RTRWP 1995 potentially exposed land area of €‹€‹5.2577 million ha plantation will be handed over to the 164 companies amounted to 2,500,000 ha plantation ( 48 % of potential land area ) to oil palm plantations . Form of research is descriptive quantitative trying noticed revenues from export taxes in West Kalimantan . Before performing the calculation of the contribution of funds to the CPO export tax revenue to income areas in West Kalimantan conducted prior projection CPO export volume , Value Exchange , Rates CPO exports of years 2014-2025setelah the CPO export tax calculation . CPO export volume data using exponential 2000-2013diproyeksi year , while the value of the exchange rate and the rates in the CPO export projection by using the method of Arima ( Jenkin Box ) From these results obtained CPO export tax for the year 2014-2025 amounting to Rp . 3,560,328,866,925 . If the export port in West Kalimantan built the local government of West Kalimantan will be an additional source of local revenue -sharing funds CPO export tax of Rp . 574 725 562 414 . Based on the results of testing the effectiveness of revenue-sharing CPO export tax on the income of 48.88 % . From the results of the test figures show both criteria so that funds for this result is very potential to be a source of income for the region of West Kalimantan . Keywords : Port Exports , Revenue Sharing , and Revenue




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