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Снять выделение
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    Снять выделение
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    Farah Aqilah Bohani, Sitti Rachmawati Yahya, Siti Norul Huda Sheikh Abdullah
    The microgrid communication network with proper connectivity among microgrid resources is play important role to maintain a stability and reliability of the microgrid. Application of suitable communic...
    Nurmi Elisya Rosli, Ali Sophian, Arselan Ashraf
    Indoor Positioning System (IPS) has been widely used in today's industry for the various purposes of locating people or objects such as inspection, navigation, and security. Many research works have b...
    Allis Nurdini, Endra Susila, Taufik Taufikurahman, Nur Fitra Hadianto, Maryam Al Lubbu + 1 more
    The concept of sustainable housing has considered the urgency to support the sustainable environment in an integrative way. This concept is related to several main principles include environmental, so...
    Ahmad Firdausi, Lusi Damayanti, Galang Persada Nur Hakim, Umaisaroh Umaisaroh, Mudrik Alaydrus
    The necessity for mobile communication devices is increased rapidly. Users expect to get very Fast information access and data access without delay. The fifth-generation (5G) development in wireless m...
    Rachmat Muwardi, Hongmin Gao, Harun Usman Ghifarsyam, Mirna Yunita, Andika Arrizki + 1 more
    The development of information technology nowadays has become Faster, and this makes network security become important. A huge increasing number of computers that are connected makes many gaps in a ne...