Penggunaan Gelatine Untuk Finishing Kulit

Bambang Oetojo
Journal article Journal of Leather, Rubber, and Plastics • 1996

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 5 pages)


Gelatine may be used as a film forming or as a binder on glazed finishing method. The purpose of this research is, therefore, to know the appropriate amount of gelatine which is used on finishing to give a satisfactory effect. For this research it was used 9 pieces of crust goat skin. The crusts were then finish varying from 1 percent, 2 percent and 3 percent. It was used Turkish Red Oil in amount of 0,5 percent. Total solution of the finish should be 100 percent by adding amount of water. In this case water is as a solvent. The crusts were then pad coated, spray coated and top coated with the finish which had been prepared before and were fixed with 10 percent of formalin solution and were glazed. Further more they were tested for the rub fastness using crock metre apparatus. Practical meaning of this research is, the use of gelatine as much as 3 percent in making a finish will give a good.