Split Ring Connection of Coconut and Bangkirai Lumber

Ali Awaludin
Journal article Jurnal Teknik Sipil ITB • 2003

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(English, 8 pages)


. This research was a further research on tensile load of three-member connection of Coconut and Bangkirai lumber (Awaludin & Triwiyono, 2003). The new thing done in this experiment is the use of split ring as the connector of the connection. In the previous research (Awaludin & Triwiyono, 2003), two bolts of 15.6 mm were used as the connectors in each connection. Besides the result from experiment, the ultimate tensile load of split ring connection was also analyzed with equations from Euro Code 5 and Awaludin & Triwiyono (2002). The dimension of split-ring connector was 40 mm in diameter, 30 mm in length, and bolt of 12.5 mm was used to tight the connection. Two split ring connectors were placed in every connection. The result shows that the ultimate tensile load of split-ring connection was thirty percent higher than the bolted connection. The displacement of split ring connection was only 67% of the displacement of bolted connection. The ultimate tensile load of experiment was scattered closely to the result of Euro Code 5 and Awaludin & Triwiyono (2002).




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