Membangun Keunggulan Bersaing Produk Lokal dalam Menghadapi Persaingan Pasar Bebas (Studi Kasus Paguyuban “Arso Tunggal”, Semarang)

Adi Ekopriyono
Journal article Media Ekonomi dan Manajemen • 2015 Индонезия • Япония

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 13 pages)


The approach that very focused on economic growth in Indonesia's national development is not automatically able to build competitive advantage of local products in the face of free market competition. Therefore, it is necessary to approach the culture and local wisdom, as the fundamental competitiveness. The approach to culture and local wisdom will produce resilience of local culture for the nation to compete in the global arena and the free market. Arso Tunggal is a movement that seeks constantly to strengthen the competitiveness of local products, building on the Java culture and local wisdom. This movement is not against globalization and free markets, but around this by utilizing cooperation with foreign parties (Japan) to strengthen the culture and local wisdom as a foundation to build the competitiveness of local products entering the free market competition.




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