Implementation of Workflow Management System on E-Learning Platform for the Effectiveness of Distance Learning

Yuthsi Aprilinda • Agus Sukoco • Ahmad Cucus

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This sresearch aims to develop an e-learning as a kind of learning systems using Internet media, e-learning using information technology as a tool that can be available wherever it is needed. One of the e-learning development techniques to become more efficient is by applying workflow management system (WFMS) in developing e-learning. Because WFMS focuses on business processes, it is concerned with the automation of procedures so that the information and tasks assigned to run a more efficient and coordinatedapplication-based e-Learning open source workflow can be applied in all educational institutions, because e-learning can follow the learning procedures that exist in the educational institutions.




3rd International Conference on Engineering and Technology Development 2014

  • Konferensi di Bandar Lampung, Индонезия pada tahun 2014
  • 39 articles

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