Kajian Yuridis terhadap Peran Serta Sukarelawan Pengatur Lalu – Lintas (Supeltas) dalam Menciptakan Ketertiban Lalu – Lintas di Surakarta

Rudatyo, Hafid Zakariya, Wahyu Sudirman

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 14 pages)


Implementation of law enforcement should be consistent, consistent, and very thorough in dearer society, and in order pass - cross so is diwajib obey the signs - signs traffic - and also includes not break through light signals traffic -. And what if on a road that is very crowded intersection in the city center Surakarta there has been no traffic lights - laintas, would be very chaotic and mutual seized occur among road users. And here the necessity of their governing officials would smooth the traffic -. But with the limitations of police officers so frequent congestion - traffic. Here the authors raise the research titled "Study of Juridical Against Participation of Volunteers Regulatory Then - Cross (Supeltas) In creating Ketertuban Then - Traffic in Surakarta" because in Surakarta when we meet the members of the Volunteer Manager Then - Cross (Supeltas) set up in several road intersection in Surakarta. The purpose of this study was to determine the role of, the legality of existence, and hope - hope Regulatory Then Volunteers - Cross (Supeltas) in creating an orderly traffic in city of Surakarta. This research is descriptive and views of its objectives including empirical legal research. The location of this research is done on some streets intersection. That is the first in the Crossroads JL. National Awakening And JL. Bhayangkara, both at the Crossroads JL. K.H. Samanhudi And JL. Pioneer Independence, third at the Crossroads JL. M.T. Haryono And JL. SEMARANG - Surakarta, and the fourth at the Crossroads JL. Wora - Wari and JL. DR. Cipto Mangunkusumo. Data used include primary data and secondary data. Data collection through interviews and research of literature both books, legislation, papers, results of previous studies, documents, and so on. Analysis of data using qualitative analysis. Based on this research, the result that the legality of the law in terms of the members of the Governing Then Volunteers - Cross (Supeltas) does not have the legal or weeks to set the right road. But in order to create the smooth running of life passed lintas required the participation of parties outside the police, one of which is the Volunteer Manager Then - Cross(Supeltas).




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