Formulasi Dan Uji Aktivitas Minyak Legundi (Vitex Trifolia L) Sebagai Sediaan Anti Nyamuk

Ni Putu Pitri Widiani • Kartini Kartini
Conference paper Seminar Nasional Competitive Advantage 2012 • 2012 Индонезия

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Anti mosquito preparations are household health preparations solution used to prevent mosquito attack. Typically used in outside the human body, such as the hands and feet. Anti-mosquito preparations do not have to use the active ingredient made ​​from chemicals, but can also uses active ingredients from natural ingredients. For example, using Legundi oil because its Camphene and pinene compound which have an characteristic odor that makes the mosquito avoided. Thus, the study was done in order to find out legundi effectiveness of essential oils as an anti-mosquito and to make the right formulation of the spray insect repellent preparations. The research was conducted at the Laboratory of Microbiology, Pharmacognocy, and Pharmaceutical Laboratory of Pharmacy Academy Putra Indonesia Malang began from April to June 2011. The experiment was conducted in three stages, namely: first, the preparation phase which includes the preparation of determinated Legundi leaf samples and tools and materials preparation which used in the study. Second, the implementation phase which includes the selection of a green colored Legundi leaf, and then weighed. Further refined by using the leaf steam distillation for 8 hours. Third, the final stage is organoleptic, density, refractive index test of Legundi oil, then the purity tested oil will be used as the active ingredient in the manufacture of anti-mosquito preparations concentration of 13%, 15%, and 17%. The efficacy of legundi oil preparation can be known by test its effectiveness against mosquitoes. The results showed that Legundi oil concentration 17% is effective as anti-mosquito preparations, as shown by the preparation sprayed on the cloth were seized five mosquitoes in observation for 60 minutes.      Based on this research, more research about the activity testing of Legundi oil as a natural mosquito repellent preparations can be suggested by using a wider room for observation. In addition, another innovation such as gel or lotion anti-mosquito preparation should be done.




Seminar Nasional Competitive Advantage 2012

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