Contribution to the Community in Seminary Wacana Bhakti

Andy Gunardi

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Seminary Wacana Bhakti is a community of teens (male, high school students) living together and having the same purpose to prepare being priests someday. Under the process of learning and experience guided by Priests as formatores, strongly intended to make them aware of their own community since the most are from different cultures, lower income families, and lack of self-esteem. Through such situation, this paper will discuss and analyze how the person having lack of self- esteem can contribute for the better community. For this reason I want to use the concept of one and many, individuation in Carl Jung theory, and the evolutionary theory. One and many can be found in the terms of collective unconscious and conscious. The consciousness in the context of Jung means bringing the unconscious to the conscious. The process of individuation happens in the consciousness itself. The process of individuation will help individual to be fruitful to the community to contribute better event they work with other race or people who are from other backgrounds. He can be unique in person but enhancing the strength of the community. Keywords: one, many, archetype, conscious, unconscious




International Conference on Psychology and Multiculturalism 2017

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