Budaya Batobo Dan Ketahanan Sosial Keluarga

Yantri Maputra • Nila Anggreiny • Septi Mayang Sarry

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Developing family endurance can be achieved by improving quality of family in group activities in their society. One of group society activities in Parak Laweh, Kabupaten Sijunjung is called batobo. Batobo is one of farm group activities in society that can be impactful to economic, social, and psychological aspect. This research aimed to describe batobo culture values in developing family endurance. Qualitative approach is used in this research, in which using case study as a methodology. This research used 2 groups of batobo and 3 traditional leaders as sample. Data collected by group or individual interview and analysed by NviVo program. The result showed that batobo culture values obtained in developing social family endurance are socially independent, strengthen society contribution, equality of life, and have an overt/open communication each other. Futhermore, batobo in Parak Laweh society can be an alternative to develop social family endurance in their society nowadays, that their society becomes more individualist. Keywords: Batobo, Social Endurance, Families




International Conference on Psychology and Multiculturalism 2017

  • Konferensi di Jakarta, Индонезия pada tahun 2017
  • 19 articles

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