Woman Resistance against Poverty: Case of Women’s Lubuk Raya Group Tebing Tinggi

Ratih Baiduri • Wahyu Andri Syahputra • Ibnu Hadjar Damanik

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(English, 21 pages)


This paper departs from the field work from the authors during interaction and accompanying the Lubuk Raya Women Group in Lubuk Raya Village, Padang Hulu Subdistrict, Tebing Tinggi City. This paper aims to describe the forms of women's resistance to poverty. What and how they do it, and what containers, they use to fight the poverty. Using this feminist ethnographic method, this paper will look at women's problems and poverty as they experience it. This paper a described the forms of gender relations that occur within the household. Women always experience a double burden, especially natural Toba Batak family that adopts patriarchy. On the one hand, they have to take care of the household well, on the other hand. They also have to work to help the family income. This double burden causes his whole life to be centered on family and others. Likewise, for some women in Lubuk Raya Village, did not make them as women who resign and accept the situation. On the contrary, this double burden pushes them to fight and get out of their poverty. Through the women's organization Lubuk Raya Women they are trying to open access so that women can be involved in the existing development process. Consciously they have gathered and tried to get out of poverty. Increased access and participation is done by building the capacity of women through training and monthly discussions, then involving women in every development activity ranging from discussion at urban village level to city level. Keywords: feminist ethnography, poor women, women's organizations, resistance strategies




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