The Role of Mindfulness to Improve Leadership in Multicultural Context

Dhevy Puswiartika • Zahrotur Rusyda Hinduan • Marina Sulastiana • Diana Harding

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Mindfulness is present moment awareness with an observing and nonjudging stance. To be mindful means to be fully in the here and now from moment to moment. Mindfulness appears to have broadly positive impacts on human functioning. This review explored the current state of studies regarding mindfulness as a potential psychological construct to improve leadership in multicultural context. Mindfulness associated with higher relationship quality because a mindful leader is better able to be fully in the here and now with the subordinate. Mindfulness is also critical to the development of a leader who wants to be culturally intelligent and successful in any multicultural setting. Mindfulness allows people to make sense of cultural situations, events and actions within oneÕs frame of reference by removing a rigid or fixed mindset. The cultural intelligence model demonstrates that having knowledge, mindfulness, and skills that working together helps a person to achieve CQ. Further, testing of CQ model and measurement of its underlying components should help us gather insight to predict the cross-cultural potential of existing employees, offer training customized to individual needs, in particular, CQ facets (knowledge, behavior, mindfulness) and recruit individuals with high CQ for positions that require a high level of cross-cultural interactions.




International Conference on Psychology and Multiculturalism 2017

  • Konferensi di Jakarta, Индонезия pada tahun 2017
  • 19 articles

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