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Total phenolic test on the results of partial fractionation of the extracted layers of Sea Bamboo (Isis hippuris) showed ethyl acetate fraction as much as 8.49±0.15 mg GAE/g followed by the ethanol fraction at 5.26±0.13 mg GAE/g and n-hexane fraction at 3.24±0.16 mg GAE/g. Meanwhile, the result of total flavonoids for ethanol and n-hexane fraction was 6.67%, whilst for ethyl acetate fraction was 5.13%. The test results on antioxidant activities using DPPH showed ethanol fraction as much as 1795.08 ppm, n-hexane fraction 1888.45 ppm and ethyl acetate fraction 2014.54 ppm. The results of FTIR chromatogram showed that there were 9 peaks of ethanol fraction, 10 peaks of ethyl acetate fraction and 12 peaks of n-hexane fraction. GC-MS data analysis on the outer layers of Sea Bamboo (Isis hippuris) revealed 53 compounds of ethanol fraction, 40 compounds of ethyl acetate fraction, and 50 compounds of n-hexane fraction. The most dominant compounds were 2-butoxyethanol (43.68%) of ethanol fraction, Methyl-D-mannopyranoside (20.41%) of n-hexane fraction, and 2-Myristynoyl-glycinamide (19.51%) of ethyl acetate fraction. Keywords: Sea bamboo, phenols, flavonoids, Isis hippuris, antioxidant, DPPH, GC-MS, FTIR





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