Program Kelompok Mentoring Bisnis Komunitas Tangan di Atas Wilayah Jakarta Selatan 5.0

Bambang Eko Samiono • Hanny Nurlatifah
Journal article Jurnal Pemberdayaan Masyarakat Universitas Al Azhar Indonesia • 2019 Индонезия

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TDA Wilayah Jakarta Selatan (TDA Jaksel) is one of TDA wilayah under TDA Pusat and is the driving center for activities in the organization. TDA Jaksel's main priority is to increase capacity building for its members. One of the South Jakarta TDA programs to improve the management and management capabilities of its members is the Kelompok Mentoring Bisnis (KMB) program. In 2018, KMB uses a more structured format with curriculum concepts and paid members only. 32 participants of the KMB program were divided into 4 groups based on their choice of mentor. The problem encountered during the evaluation in the middle of the KMB program was the ineffectiveness of the KMB. The Community Service Team in collaboration with TDA Jakarta helped provide solutions by applying the concept of training effectiveness through: grouping back mentoring programs based on their business level, compiling mini / SAP curriculum for the basic group, providing mentoring sessions according to SAP and conducting evaluations. While for the debriefing conducted by the UAI Community Service Team, the focus was on the basics group, which consisted of six people and meeting sessions in four stages, which combined mentoring and coaching methods. At the end of the program, an evaluation was obtained that satisfaction in the implementation of the KMB program increased by 25% after regrouping and fixing the material and teaching methods.



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