Pelatihan Penyusunan Rencana Pelaksanaan Pembela-jaran Harian Berbasis Kurikulum 2013 Bagi Guru-guru Paud

Rohita Rohita • Nila Fitria
Journal article Jurnal Pemberdayaan Masyarakat Universitas Al Azhar Indonesia • 2019 Индонезия

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The results of the study on Knowledge, Understanding and Application of 2013 Curriculum for Kindergarten Teachers conducted by Rohita and Fitria (2017) revealed that the level of teacher knowledge about the 2013 curriculum was 95.8%, and the level of understanding was 21%. However, 91.7% of respondents experienced difficulties in understanding the 2013 curriculum and difficulties in using the 2013 curriculum. While in the preparation of the 2013 curriculum-based Daily Learning Plan (RPPH), 58.40% of teachers did not use the 2013 curriculum in preparing learning plans, and 79.20% felt the difficulty in preparing RPPH using the 2013 curriculum. The purpose of this activity was to improve the understanding and ability of PAUD teachers in compiling RPPH based on 2013 curriculum. The method of the activities carried out was giving pre-tests, presenting material, implementing simulation according to RPPH previously prepared, and giving test post. The research subjects were PAUD teachers in the Tanah Abang District, Central Jakarta. The results of the training activities showed an increase in participants' understanding of 25% followed by an increase in the ability of participants to prepare RPPH, which was 37.50% compared to before training. This is due to one of them because the training method is carried out by delivering material, workshops and simulations. But in the implementation of simulations, PAUD teachers have not been able to present real media or three-dimensional forms in the process of delivering material. While the media used is still using paper and pencil. The conclusion of this activity is that there is an increase in the understanding of PAUD teachers in compiling curriculum-based RPPH by 25% and an increase in the ability of PAUD teachers to develop curriculum-based RPPH of 37.50%.



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