Pemberdayaan Sekolah Budi Mulia Balikpapan melalui Edukasi dan Aksi Pembuatan Kompos dengan Metode Takakura

Muhammad Nurhidayatur Rozikin • Muhammad Kamaluddin • Rachmat Hidayat • Umi Sholikah

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Everything in the life process definitely produces waste. The amount of waste will increase along with the population also increasing and various activities. Waste is an inseparable part of people's lives, especially in urban areas, like Balikpapan. Decreasing environmental quality is a problem that continues to haunt the community. In the Report on the Performance of the Environmental Agency of Balikpapan City in 2017 that community, the index of waste transportation to landfill continues to increase. Problems due to the rising population in Balikpapan but not balanced with the concern of community in maintaining the environment. Budi Mulia Balikpapan School is an example that the quality of environment becomes a polemic that must be overcome. Limited facilities, and the lack attention from goverment make Budi Mulia School include in the catagories of bad waste management system. In order to realize the importance of maintaining environmental quality it is necessary to have an comprehension through an education and composting program with takakura methode using the help of EM4 activators. Based on the results of the empowerment program that has been implemented, this activity succeeded in providing knowledge to students at Budi Mulia Balikpapan School in waste management with takakura methods through environmental campaign activities and environmental education and action. That educational activities and environmental actions using takakura methods can be an effective method of increasing comprehension and awareness of the target towards the surrounding environment.Keywords – Action, Composting, Education, Empowerment, Takakura



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