Pengenalan dan Pelatihan Pemrograman Dasar Blockly Kepada Siswa SMA Al Azhar 1, 2 dan 3

Riri Safitri • Ade Jamal • Endang Ripmiatin • Denny Hermawan • Arif Supriyanto

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Computer technology affects every area of life today. he entered and changed every field in the world, starting from industry and business, transportation, communication, health, and others. Every student has the same opportunity to learn and master technology, learn coding, master algorithms, learn how to make applications, how the internet works, in order to foster creativity and problem solving skills that will be very useful for their lives in the future . Computer / software or software programs will be very important, maybe even become the world language in the future. Not mastering programming or computer language in the future, it will have the same effect as the current non-literacy. Learning computer science not only learns about technology itself, but also learns logic, problem solving, and creativity. Therefore there is a need for introduction and programming training for school students to practice logic and problem solving skills. Programming training is provided in the form of Blockly simulations in the form of interesting and interactive games. The results of the training found that high school students participating in the training felt this activity was very interesting and useful and could add to their understanding and skills in terms of IT and its application.



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