Pemberdayaan Warga Keterbelakangan Mental di Desa Karangpatihan Ponorogo melalui Frutable Greden

Retno Wulandari • Hana Anjasari • Novita Dwi Wulandari • Mitha Nur Jayanti • Gunarhadi Gunarhadi

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Karangpatihan Village is one of the villages in the south-west corner of Ponorogo Regency, Balong Subdistrict, where there are some people who are mentally retarded with geographic conditions that are less fertile and tend to be barren because they stand under the feet of the calcareous mountains. Geographical factors, poverty, and low levels of education result in people having lifestyle problems, especially related to the consumption of nutritious foods. The procurement of frutable greden programs aims to increase the consumption of vegetables and fruits, while empowering people to be more productive. Activities in the frutable greden program include the development of frutable greden or some kind of green house, planting, and treatment of plants by mental retardation people. The harvest can be consumed as a form of nutrition fulfillment. The empowerment process is carried out in stages starting from the stages of socialization, frutable greden construction, growing of plant seeds, maintenance of plants to harvesting. The form of empowerment involves active participation of people with mental retardation with the help of frutable greden cadre. Cadres here are one of the family member of mental etardation people who are selected and haved a task to assist the team as a pioneer the implementation of the empowerment process. Yield from plants in this green house can be consumed as additional food for the community as nutrition fulfillment.



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