Maenpo Cikalong Souvenir for Cianjur society

Teuku Zulkarnain Muttaqien • Hardy Adiluhung
Conference paper 6th Bandung Creative Movement 2019 • Октябрь 2019 Индонезия • Сингапур

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Maenpo Cikalong is one of traditional martial art from Cianjur, discovered at 19th century by Raden Haji Ibrahim. Currently, Maenpo Cikalong is well known among martial arts practitioner, indicated by a practice site that held in Jakarta, Bandung, Yogyakarta, Semarang, Malang and also Singapore. The recognition of Maenpo Cikalong outside Cianjur is interesting because there is still a lot of Cianjur society do not recognize it even though there is a slogan ‘Maos, Mamaos, Maenpo as a cultural tradition. Tauco, mochi, sate maranggi and also sweetmeat is Cianjur traditional culinary souvenir, one of the functions of a souvenir is a reminder for a place, memory or interesting culture from one place or another. Lack of awareness about Maenpo Cikalong among Cianjur society could be improved by make it as a theme for souvenir. The method is using a daily things as a souvenir, it was made to improve visual memory of Cianjur society, hopefully, it also could make Cianjur Society interested and want to learn further about Maenpo Cikalong without reducing the noble traditions.

Keywords Maenpo Cikalong, Souvenir, Visual Memory, awareness


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