The Influence Of Interior Design To Prevent Crime Actions In Autimatic Teller Machine (ATM) Room

Imtihan Hanom • Rizka Rachmawati • Titihan Sarihati • Santi Salayanti
Conference paper 6th Bandung Creative Movement 2019 • Октябрь 2019 Индонезия

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This study departs from the phenomenon of increasing crime that occurred at the Automatic Teller Machine (ATM). The rise of crime at ATMs does not only occur in Indonesia, but almost all over the world. Crimes at ATMs have occurred from the very beginning the ATM was introduced to the public, until now. Crimes that occur at ATMs are mostly in the form of robberies which sometimes lead to murder. This study looks for interior variables that can increase the sense of security of ATM machine room users so as to suppress the intentions of criminals to act in them. Interior variables are obtained from several theories related to the prevention of criminal acts at ATMs, human safety perception and recommendations related to the prevention of existing crime. The results obtained from a number of recommendations related to crime prevention and theories related to the perception of safe humans that produce two main interior variables, namely; visual oppenes and territoriality. The design of an ATM room using these two main variables is expected to be able to provide a sense of human security when they want to visit and / or are in an ATM room. The results of the study are expected to provide an overview of the form of ATM space that can increase the user's sense of security so that it can reduce the occurrence of criminal acts. This research is also expected to be an ATM room design standard to suit human basic needs, one of which is security.

Keywords Secure Perception, Crime Prevention, Interior Design


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