Analysis of Sundanese Traditional Spatial Concepts on The Space and The Layout of Cibiuk Bandung Sundanese Restaurant

Santi Salayanti
Conference paper 6th Bandung Creative Movement 2019 • Октябрь 2019

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Cibiuk Sundanese Restaurants have several analyzes about the influence of Sundanese traditional house patterns as a function of traditional restaurants. These influences can be assessed with a spatial, circulation, and material selection approach used in the interior elements. In this study, the types of users are divided into focus, namely the main users (users who use restaurant facilities) who experience directly whether the traditional Sundanese atmosphere feels strong or not when they come as visitors, whether it's just for eating (enjoying the available menu), or when doing other activities such as discussing, or meeting, or celebrating. The convenience of the user when performing various activities can be felt from the results of the achievement of the atmosphere of the formation of space, so that to obtain the results of the formation of spatial elements and traditional space organizational patterns, can provide comfort and friendliness to visitors. The aim of this research is to finally find out the standard Sundanese traditional spatial concepts that are applied to the spatial and layout design of Cibiuk Bandung Sundanese Restaurant, by also comparing it with several other Sundanese restaurants, such as Sunda Bancakan and Sambara Restaurant. The results of this study can determine to which extent Sundanese cultural elements and values are applied to modern ethnic restaurants, which in this study will focus on Sundanese restaurants, so that they can produce design guides and reviews/ evaluations for young designers and general public in designing and building a modern ethnic restaurant.

Keywords restaurants, traditional, layout




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