Pembentukan Wilayah Pertahanan Priangan Timur dan Perpindahan Ibukota Propinsi Jawa Barat ke Lebaksiuh Tahun 1947-1948

Alex Anis Ahmad
Journal article Jasmerah • 2019 Индонезия

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This article describes the process of forming Wehrkreise III as the East Priangan defense area and the transfer of the administrative center of West Java Province to Lebaksiuh in 1947-1948. The research method used is the historical method. The results of this study indicate that the onslaught of the Dutch military in West Java during the years 1947-1948 was faced by the struggle agencies by forming defense pockets called Wehrkreise III. Each defense bag can do its own guerrilla battle. The Commander of Wehrkreise not only oversees the struggle agencies but also oversees the civil administration in West Java. The Wehrkreise command center and the West Java provincial government center were initially in Tasikmalaya. But the Dutch military offensive made the Governor of West Java and the Wehrkreise commander move their seat to Lebaksiuh. This move was intended so that the republican government in West Java could continue to run because Lebaksiuh was a relatively safe area from Dutch attacks..



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