Budaya Bahari Masyarakat Sriwijaya pada Masa Pra-modern

Yopi Rachmad
Journal article Jasmerah • 2019

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This article discusses the nautical culture of the Srivijaya community in pre-modern times. Narratives are built through a re-reading of scientific studies that review the archaeological findings originating from the Kingdom of Srivijaya. The archaeological findings were then analyzed using the human ecological theory of culture. This study shows that the Srivijaya people made the sea as a source of connecting life. The production orientation of the community such as fishing, local handicrafts, and other maritime expertise is for commodity trading in the main ports of the Srivijaya kingdom. Trade era has changed Southeast Asia and allowed it to become a global power in its time. This can be seen by the discovery of pictures of ships in temple reliefs and various archaeological findings. One of the skills that must be possessed by the community is expertise in shipbuilding. Ships made are used for various maritime facilities, both as a means of transportation between regions and between continents and also as a commodity sold in ports.






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