The Revitalization Concept of “Pramuka Penggalang” in The Digital Game Design

Arief Budiman • Akbar Rahman Rizaldi
Conference paper 6th Bandung Creative Movement 2019 • Октябрь 2019

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The scout activity is a non-formal education in environments such as school and family. Generally, it held in the outdoors as an attractive place, challenging, creative, innovative, and fun. Unfortunately, scout activity is sometimes viewed by half of the millennials as an out-of-date and tedious activity. This kind of thinking created because of a lack of

understanding and knowledge. Whereas, many materials introduced in scout activity give a role of forming positive char- acters. This activity even becomes a tool for developing one’s personality. The making of The “Pramuka Penggalang”

concept design in the digital game is an attempt to contributing an open mind for the Millenials. The application of Tracy Fullerton’s theory to forming structural game marks two essential elements; formal element and dramatic element. This digital game concept design created to help players to gain information about “Pramuka Penggalang” activity and to change the old image of scout activity to become more fun in the eyes of today’s generation. Keywords Scout, Pramuka Penggalang, Digital game, Tracy Fullerton


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