STMIK Banjarbaru

College in Banjarbaru, Indonesia

Jl. Jenderal Ahmad Yani Km 33,5, Loktabat, Banjar Baru, Kalimantan Selatan 70714, Indonesia

STMIK Banjarbaru

STMIK Banjarbaru is officially formed on January 31, 2003, by the Director General of Higher Education on behalf of the Minister of Education and Culture as the only Undergraduate Level Higher Education Institution (S1) in Banjabaru, South Kalimantan, Indonesia.

Fields of study: Media, Information & Communication, Computer Science & Information Technology

Journals published by STMIK Banjarbaru:

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  • Muskinul Fuad
    public Komunika • July 2007
    In this modem era, human beings are facing various crisis or multidimensional problems. Material welfare following the development of Science and technology does not easily give them real happiness. T...
  • Sulkhan Chakim
    public Komunika • January 2007
    Da 'wa is one of the essential parts of religiosity. According to Islam, every believer has the duty to preach Islamic teachings according to his capability. In the real life, this duty is actualized ...
  • Waliko Waliko
    public Komunika • January 2007
    Al Ahzab 9 to 27 discusses manhaj Allah fi da'wa al- jama'ah al Muslim, that is a concept Allah applied to guide al-jamaah al-muslim to be a strong and powerful community to face the world 's conspira...
  • Khadziq Khadziq
    public Komunika • January 2007
    Islam is embraced by many people through a relatively fast spread. This fact cannot be separated firom the role of its preacher, Muhammad. His success in da'wa activities was contributed by his social...
  • Uus Uswatusolihah
    public Komunika • January 2007
    This article focussed on Islamic preaching (da'wa) studied through system approach. This system is a way of thinking about job managing. It provides a framework for describing internal and external en...
  • Muridan Muridan
    public Komunika • January 2007
    Islam is religion which is spread out with da 'wa activities. Without that, it would not be as developed as nowadays. In spreading out Islamic teaching to the mad'u, wisdom is really needed. One way t...
  • Muslih Aris Handayani
    public Komunika • January 2007
    Da'wa recently can be done with various ways and media. One of them is via television, especially television cinema (sinetron). Sinetron becomes attractive program for audience because of its combinat...
  • Enung Asmaya
    public Komunika • January 2007
    Da'wa fardiyah activity is an effort to invite human beings to behave according to the guidance from Allah in order to achieve khoirul bariyyah, khoirul usroh, and jama 'a. Since the mission of da 'wa...
  • Nawawi Nawawi
    public Komunika • January 2007
    Formerly, da 'wa was a non academic activity. Nowadays it has developed into an academic study. As an academic study, da'wa can be differently formulated according to its thinker.In a research, da'wa ...
  • Abdul Basit
    public Komunika • January 2007
    Da 'wa fardiycih is one of the common activities in Islamic preaching and has been applied since earlier period of Islam. However, it has not applied scientific development so that it goes naturally. ...
  • Agus Sriyanto
    public Komunika • January 2007
    Nowadays, especially in Java, it is difficult to flnd pure and original actualization of Islam. This condition is influenced by the Javanese and Hinduism traditions which had been tightly held by the ...
  • Moh Roqib
    public Komunika • January 2007
    Harmony and dynamics in Da'wa activities should be continually developed in order to achieve Islam 's mission as rahmatan lil' alamin. Persistence, maturity, and sincerity should also be committed in ...
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