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INTAJ is a periodical published twice a year that aims to publish research results in the form of scientific articles. This journal is published by LP3M IAI Al-Qolam Gondanglegi Malang.

Subjects: Multidisciplinary

Accreditation: Not accredited.

6 results.

  • Lukman Hakim, A Atho' • Sulala Sulala • Tis’Atul Laila
    public Intaj • 2017
    This study describes the behavior of sugarcane farmers in implementing the obligation of an important teaching in Islamic law: zakat. Each people is subject to the obligation of crop zakat. Textually,...
  • Siti A'Isyah • Roihanah Roihanah • Ma’Rifatul Husna • Vina Maulida
    public Intaj • 2017
    Sambas conflict in 1997 and 1999 caused big number of refugees, mainly Madureses, which spread in various regions. Many young refugees were sheltered at Islamic boarding schools (pondok pesantren), es...
  • Babun Ni’Matur Rohmah • Purnama Sari, Riska Ayu
    public Intaj • 2017
    Gondanglegi sub district is occupying the first position as the largest supplier of migrant workers in the area of ​​South Malang in 2014. This research focuses on Panggungrejo Village as the object o...
  • Norma Ita Sholichah
    public Intaj • 2017
    Penelitian ini menyelidiki pengaruh strategi story-mapping dalam mengajar pemahaman membaca teks bahasa Inggris, yang menggunakan kuasi-faktorial dengan desain pretest-posttest. Temuan penelitian ini ...
  • Amir Faris • Ahmad Khoyyum • Ita Uzzulaifatit Thoriqoh • Latifatun Nisak
    public Intaj • 2017
    Bantengan is an Indonesian folk performing art. Bantengan is a performance art that combines elements of martial arts, dances, kanuragan, music, and magical spell. Bantengan has spread in Indonesia, e...
  • Ririn Noviyanti
    public Intaj • 2017
    Today, by effectuation of the Asian Economic Community (AEC), the competition will be increas-ing the quality of human resources. It presents a consequence for every individual to constantly develop a...